How to dynamically load more results in WordPress

A how to guide for dynamically loading more results with Ajax in WordPress from our web developer Karl.

By Karl Proctor
7 August,2020 ● 5 MIN READ

Adding Yoast breadcrumbs to your WordPress website

Karl runs through this step by step guide on how to add Yoast breadcrumbs to your WordPress website.

By Karl Proctor
29 May,2020 ● 5 MIN READ

Tailwind CSS in WordPress Theme Development

In this post, one of our web developers Karl details a relatively new introduction to our web development set up. Tailwind CSS

By Karl Proctor
16 April,2020 ● 5 MIN READ

Using rclone to move WordPress uploads to Digital Ocean Spaces

We needed to move the uploaded images from Digital Ocean Droplets to Digital Ocean Spaces. But there was over 100GB to transfer.

By Karl Proctor
29 November,2019 ● 5 MIN READ

Using Digital Ocean Spaces on a WordPress site

A developer post on how we are rolling out a feature to all WordPress sites to make them quicker and lighter for all our clients.

By Karl Proctor
31 October,2019 ● 5 MIN READ

WordPress Site Speed – Using to test your site

In this post we look into site speed with WordPress and how a custom theme is a better option than a pre-built theme.

By Karl Proctor
19 August,2019 ● 5 MIN READ

Creating Gutenberg Blocks with ACF

Wibble have always had a policy of keeping our development process up to date. In this blog we demonstrate how to bring ACF into Gutenberg blocks with WordPress 5.0+.

By Karl Proctor
25 March,2019 ● 5 MIN READ

Custom WooCommerce and MailChimp Subscription Form

We are very proud of creating custom solutions for our clients – in this example we combined WooCommerce and MailChimp when a product goes out of stock. We have included some PHP and WooCommerce code snippets to help anyone trying to make this themselves.

By Karl Proctor
19 October,2018 ● 5 MIN READ

The Gutenberg Editor, coming with WordPress 5.0

Gutenberg is the new editor for WordPress, coming with 5.0 release. We have installed and tested it on this very site to see the new features and if there are any performance issues.

By Karl Proctor
8 August,2018 ● 5 MIN READ

Improving email delivery from a WordPress site using Mailgun

Email delivery with WordPress can be difficult. Wibble are WordPress specialists and have shown our approach on how to improve this using Mailgun.

By Karl Proctor
8 August,2017 ● 5 MIN READ

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