wibble rescue package

The Wibble
Rescue Package

WordPress management, maintenance and support for your peace of mind.

Managing a WordPress site is a huge strain on resources – the Wibble Rescue Package frees up your time to concentrate on your own business, not on worrying about patches, updates and backups. Allow our expert team to take care of all your WordPress management needs.

Hosting Security Support



We pick up your site, as it is, and move it to a secure Wibble server that is optimised for WordPress hosting. No data will be lost and we ensure the site is tested before the final transfer to ensure that there are no issues with transfer.

WordPress Review

Once moved, we review your existing setup, plugins, users, code, themes – everything! We ensure that any issues are fixed before the site is switched.

DNS Hosting

DNS is the phone book of the web, it’s how your computer finds a website. We move your DNS to a remote DNS host to protect your site at a DNS level against bad IP addresses, DDoS attacks and other security issues and we also implement improvements to performance and response times.

Website Hosting

Your site will be hosted on an optimised, secure and fast Wibble server. You will not be hosted with 1000s of other random sites, ensuring your IP will not be blacklisted for someone else’s questionable actions.

Uptime Monitoring

We monitor your site using an automated service and our admins are notified if there is an issue with your site uptime.

Automated WordPress Backups

Our system provides daily backups, all stored remotely to ensure if something goes wrong or you need a snapshot of your site at a certain time, it can be restored with a click of a button.


WordPress Core Updates

Wibble takes care of all of your WordPress core updates. We carry out the routine scheduled updates and prioritise any security patches issued by WordPress. Server patches and maintenance are our responsibility too, we take care of everything.

SSL Certificate

If not already in place, we will install and configure a SSL cert on your site to ensure an encrypted connection for your users to avoid “man in the middle” attacks.

Daily Scans

Your site is scanned every 24 hours to check for core, theme or plugin vulnerabilities. Once identified, these are fixed by a Wibble member of staff, fully tested and re-scanned.

WordPress Plugin & Theme Updates

Wibble will regularly take care of all your theme and plugin updates – both for feature updates and if any patches are required for discovered security holes. We offer the peace of mind that your site is being professionally looked after.

Other security features

We bundle your site with hundreds of security features including: IP blacklisting of users, login protection, two factor authentication, a web firewall, advanced user management, spam protection, hack protection, security headers, full lockdown features, IP management and full logging of site changes. These features are constantly added to and reviewed to help keep your site as secure as possible.


Custom Development

Wibble are experts in WordPress development and are able to incorporate development changes or plugins etc with ease. This is carried out at our agreed hourly rate and estimates can be provided. We even offer a retainer package, at a reduced hourly rate, for support if constant changes and development is needed for your site.

Content Loading

If you are finding the tasks of adding your content to your site laboursome and boring – we can help. We have been adding content to sites for years. We have graphic designers who can fix images and create graphics, and proofreaders to review your content, just to be safe! This allows you to simply send news, updates or content to us and we take care of it all.


We pride ourselves on providing top-notch support and have a number of ways of contacting Wibble, we offer email, ticket and phone support.

WordPress Expertise

Wibble has a reputation as experts in all things WordPress – we have a team of skilled and experienced WordPress experts to offer help, support and guidance to our clients, where needed.

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