Scoil Beag

Scoil Beag

A playful design for a vital community resource.

Client: Scoil Beag


Their previous site was a static site that was old and needed a whole new approach to promotion and advertising.

What we did

We created a unique design to reflect the youthful clientele. We took care of all aspects of design and development and gave the client an easy way of updating the content.

A closer look

Wibble web design portfolio

Wibble web design portfolio

Wibble web design portfolio


Client Testimonial

Scoil Beag decided to go with Wibble after our first meeting with Paudie as we found Paudie to be very approachable and informative. He quickly identified our business needs and working together on our design/layout of our website was made hassle free with Paudie’s wealth of knowledge. Wibble’s Commitment and Customer service is excellent and Scoil Beag knew this when we began working together. Wibble also had the most competitive Price and support package available to suit our company needs. Paudie’s previous work also caught our attention and we intrusted in Wibble to design & support our Website & can definitely vouch this was the correct move.

End Result

Increase in visitors to the new, dynamic site

An appropriate design and layout for the client

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