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FactCheckNI is Northern Ireland’s first and only dedicated fact-checking service. They are a team of independent fact checkers who identify important public statements relevant to Northern Ireland, interrogate the best available evidence, and publish fact check articles to improve the quality of public debate.

The Problem

The previous site was outdated and needed a complete rebuild and redesign. It was difficult to update for the client and navigation issues made content hard to find for users.

Site Speed, responsiveness, and accessibility where all issues that needed to be looked at to make the site fit for purpose and modern throughout.

As Northern Irelands only dedicated fact checking the services the site needed to stand out.

Factcheck NI by Wibble Web Design and Development

what we did

Working with Fathom – a user experience (UX) and service design agency based in Belfast and Dublin. We completely redesigned the site from the ground up by using competitor research, using Fathom’s knowledge of UX, and incorporated the use of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to make the site accessible to all. The client requested a cleaner and easier navigation as this was an issue on the old site. By designing a mega menu that allowed the user to access areas of the site with minimal clicks we achieved this.

Arguably the most exciting aspect of this site is the dark mode which can be enabled using a toggle in the header. This javascript function checks to see if the user has dark mode enabled on their machine, stores it in the Local Storage and renders the respective colour mode. The user can also toggle between the dark and light mode manually which is initiated using Tailwind dark mode classes.

FactCheckNI by Wibble Web design and development

developed with wordpress

The client requested an AJAX search function which would query posts whilst the user was searching which makes the site more usable and efficient for finding Fact Check posts. This was implemented as part of the hero on the homepage.

At the top of every category page, there is a specific filter which allows the user to select the most popular tags used on the site. This is a special function requested by the client because each page is listing the most popular tags within the individual category.

To maximise the interactivity of the site we are using some lightweight Javascript libraries for the carousel and the wave effect which is animated on page load.

Digital Media Awards Ireland

award-winning website

We were thrilled when we got nominated along with Fathom UX for “Best in Government and Non-Profit” at the Digital Media Awards 2022. We were even more thrilled when we won for all the great work we did together on the FactCheckNI website. Check out our award-winning work below


What the client said

Thankfully they loved their new website and the service provided by Wibble. And we won an award for this site!

I couldn’t recommend Wibble higher. An excellent, professional web development service who were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. We were really happy with the website they designed and developed for us.

factcheck NI testimonial

FactCheck NI

Our work at wibble speaks for itself

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