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Obbi Golf


Obbi Golf is dedicated to empowering golf clubs with a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrates safety, compliance, and training.

Wibble have been providing web design and web development services to Obbi Golf for a number of years and were tasked with the full re-design and re-build of the site.

The Problem

The previous site was not designed by Wibble and for the re-design we put a focus on UI and UX improvements that we would pride ourselves on as one of the best web design and development studios in Ireland. The previous site was not commercial enough and lacked the ability to convert users to customers.

Obbi Golf by Wibble Web Design and Web Development Belfast
Obbi Golf by Wibble Web Design and Web Development Belfast

what we did

Obbi Golf approached us with a vision to create a robust and user-centric platform. Leveraging our expertise in custom WordPress design and development, we embarked on a journey to build a cutting-edge website that would convert and be much more usable.

We carried out custom WordPress Design and Development with every aspect of the site, from the layout to the user interface, all elements were tailored to enhance the user experience.

We worked and introduced HubSpot Integration with seamless communication between the website and the CRM.

We, also, put a major emphasis on site speed improvments. We worked to optimise’s loading times, resulting in an impressive A rating in GT Metrix for site speed. This not only enhances user satisfaction but also contributes to better search engine rankings.

Obbi Golf by Wibble Web Design and Web Development Belfast

the results

We are very proud of the transformation of into a dynamic and user-friendly platform that the client can utilise to drive engagement and conversions. Our main focus was seamless integration with Hubspot and this works in numerous places across the site – saving the client huge amounts of admin time.

We moved the site from a B to an A rating in GTmetrix – making the site a better user experience which will have a knock-on effect on SEO.

The client is also delighted with the improvements and the site is now a key element in their marketing and growth plans.


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