Shield your site from catastrophe with Shield Security for WordPress

Tony delves into how we deal with security risks with WordPress and goes through the Shield Security plugin we use to combat threats on your website.


By Tony Irvine
16 November,2021 ● 6 MIN READ

Enhance your WordPress site’s search with FacetWP

Adam gives a rundown of the FacetWP feature set and why it has helped to change the way he approaches WordPress searches.

By Adam Cherry
11 November,2021 ● 5 MIN READ

Bitbucket Pipelines – Adapting for WordPress

Set up WordPress themes stored in Bitbucket to use Bitbucket Pipelines for deployment of code to production servers.

By Karl Proctor
28 September,2021 ● 6 MIN READ

Explained: Custom Built Themes vs. Pre-Built Themes in WordPress

Whats the difference between Pre-built themes vs. Custom Built themes for WordPress? In this blog Shane goes through the pros and cons of using a Pre-Built theme.

Meet Shane

By Shane McClelland
15 September,2021 ● 5 MIN READ

Our web design and development process

Want to know Wibble’s web design and development process for their award-wining web design studio? Read it here and see how we operate.

By Paudie Fearon
10 June,2021 ● 11 MIN READ

Our new Wibbler, Shane

Meet Shane – Our latest Wibbler and our first full time Project Manager.

Meet Shane

By Shane McClelland
17 February,2021 ● 6 MIN READ

Getting WooCommerce order information from the database

In this blog, Irene provides an overview on how WooCommerce data is stored in the database and how to get order information.

By Irene Bhuiyan
8 September,2020 ● 5 MIN READ

Converting multiple WordPress sites into one multisite

In this blog, Adam gives an in-depth guide in converting multiple WordPress sites into one Multisite.

By Adam Cherry
18 August,2020 ● 6 MIN READ

How to dynamically load more results in WordPress

A how to guide for dynamically loading more results with Ajax in WordPress from our web developer Karl.

By Karl Proctor
7 August,2020 ● 5 MIN READ

Using ACF blocks to conditionally enqueue scripts

A quick guide on how to enqueue external JS and CSS libraries, if your page/post is using a custom Gutenberg Block.

By Adam Cherry
5 June,2020 ● 5 MIN READ

Adding Yoast breadcrumbs to your WordPress website

Karl runs through this step by step guide on how to add Yoast breadcrumbs to your WordPress website.

By Karl Proctor
29 May,2020 ● 5 MIN READ

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