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The Black Box Belfast


The Black Box Belfast is a vibrant arts space in the heart of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter. Established in 2006 as an alternaive, fringe-style theatre space and charitable organisation.

The Problem

We took over the black box originaling as part of The Wibble Rescue Package and improved the speed and hosting of the site. We spent time fixing a few issues on the site but it was a theme that was very ourdate. Issues relating to events listings, adding content and accebility where all present. The site was outdated and needed a full revamp with web design and web development.

Black Box by Wibble Web Design and Development

what we did

We started from scratch. We wanted to create a vibrant, modern and unique design. From initial research and extensive consultation with the client we came up with a great vision for the site. Opting for a dark colour palette with pops of neon to make the site stand out and reflect the ethos of the Black Box.

Where as the previous site relied on a plugin for events. We built a custom events section for the site that was much more reliable and easier to update for the cleint. Navigation was greatly inproved by reducing the amount of categories and introuducing a mega menu allowed users to get to where the need with minimal clicks.

Black Box Belfast building

accessible and responsive

Accessibility was significantly improved with high contrast and larger type throughout. Every element was considered in the design process ensuring a website accessible by a high percentage of users. Designed to work across a vast array of screen sizes with minimal issues.

We also introduced dynamic opening hours for the Green Room bar, dedicated membership area, and projects section.


What the client said

Well. They loved it. It provided what they needed an allowed them to continue they’re great work with minimal fuss. A vast improvement over their previous website.

Wibble did an excellent job with the new Black Box website – We love it! The team were so helpful throughout, we highly recommend working with them!


The Black Box Belfast

Our work at wibble speaks for itself

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