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Synergy Learning


Synergy Learning delivers LMS and e-learning software that drive results. They’re experienced Moodle Premium Partner and Totara Platinum Partners.

They are a global leader and have been with Wibble as a web design and web development client for a number of years.

The Problem

Synergy Learning’s previous site was built in WordPress but was built in such away that did not allow for flexible content or to build complex layouts. To do any custom layouts required the input of developers, which was a non-ideal solution.

The previous design did not reflect the brand or messaging that Synergy Learning were portraying and the site’s UX and UI was in need of some improvements.

Synergy Learning by Wibble Web Design and Development

what we did

It became clear that the previous WordPress site did not have sufficient functionality to support the marketing plans for the Synergy Learning team. A full redesign and rebuild of the WordPress theme was deemed the most future proof and economical solution to their content and marketing issues. We were also able to introduce a full integration with their CMS of choice – Hubspot.

Our design team set about with concept creation, content mapping and information architecture to help improve the site usability. Our web development team migrated content and built the new site around this. We worked on mobile use and site speed along with the business needs of increasing their communications and marketing outreach.

synergy learning by wibble logo

Built with WordPress

Wibble are a specialist WordPress development studio, our clients vary in size and global location. This entire project was built from the ground up and in-house by our team of web designers and developers. The new site is quicker, has better accessibility ratings, is fully integrated with HubSpot and provides the flexibility to their sales and marketing team to fully populate and manage the site with zero developer input.


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