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Co-operation Ireland is an all-island peace-building organisation. They work to build a shared and cohesive society by addressing legacy issues of the conflict and facilitating contact and collaboration between people from different backgrounds across these islands.

The problem

The previous Co-operation Ireland website was built using a custom CMS that proved difficult for the client to update. The new site would have to be designed and built from scratch within a short space of time.

Navigation was an issue with pages not following any real hierarchy and the use of categories was absent. Breadcrumbs, a site search, and a cohesive structure was also missing. The sitemap was very confusing and did not really help the User-Experience



Co-operation Ireland by Wibble Web Design & Development

What we did

Through extensive research on improving the layout and navigation of the website, we redesigned and redeveloped the site from the ground up using WordPress. Going back to the drawing board and creating a website that matched the image of the cause.

The navigation was redesigned to allow the user ease of access around the site. We improved usability greatly by using dropdown menus and dividing the multiple programs into individual sections, as well as colour coding each section in “What we do”. Breadcrumbs were introduced and the “Rule of three” was implemented to allow quick access to any page within three clicks.

The development and implementation of a donation area, allowing users to easily set up single and recurring donations, was paramount to the success of the project.

All web design and web development work was carried out by Wibble, in-house, using our team of web designers and WordPress developers.

Creating a cohesive look through the site, whether in programmes, or the about section. It now all looks part of the same brand.

Co-operation Ireland by Wibble Web Design & Development
Co-operation Ireland by Wibble Web Design & Development

The results


Built from the ground using the WordPress CMS


Re-designed with User experience at the forefront


Area to make donations improved for ease of donating

Co-operation Ireland by Wibble Web Design & Development

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