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Shield Security


Shield Security Pro is a WordPress plugin offering advanced expert security to all your WordPress sites. Scanning vulnerabilities on your site and protecting it from intrusions and attacks. It is one of the best-selling WordPress security plugins and has been downloaded over 9million times with over 60k active installations and is highly reviewed, averaging a 4.8/5 ⭐️ rating.

The Problem

Being one of the more popular WordPress the previous website was visited regularly. The client wanted to focus more on the features and pushed sales of the pro version of the Shield Security plugin. The old site was also under the moniker as ‘One dollar plugin” which featured other plugins and there wasn’t a clear direction as to where you could download the plugin.

The site also didn’t offer pricing tiers for variable protection or multiple sites, there was only one option for payment. Branding was also not consistent with the Shield Security colours not being used on the site. Navigation, point of sales, and consistency of design were all issues that needed to be changed when it came to the redesign and development of the site.

Shield Security Pro by Wibble Web Design & Development

what we did

Starting with extensive research of competitors and seeing what worked we began designing the concepts. Bringing in the branded colours of Shield Pro was a must, and creating cohesion between each element of the site was at the forefront of the design process. We introduced new images and a flow to the homepage that was missing from the previous site.

Our Work

A pricing table was created, something that was missing from the original site, bringing multiple options for the user to select and a more user-friendly experience when purchasing the product. Everything from the features section to the checkout process was designed with the branding in mind.

Social proof was also very important with testimonials & reviews given its own section as well as featuring heavily throughout the site and checkout process.


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