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Northern Ireland Hotels Federation (NIHF)


The Northern Ireland Hotels Federation (NIHF) is a leading association representing the hospitality industry in Northern Ireland. As the primary voice for the region’s hotel and accommodation providers, NIHF sought to strengthen its online presence and digital engagement. To achieve this goal, they approached our Northern Ireland web design and development agency for a custom WordPress solution that could elevate their brand, streamline member listings, and enhance user experience.

The Problem

The existing NIHF website faced several challenges, hindering its ability to effectively serve its members and engage with the broader community. The website suffered from an outdated design, limited functionality and difficulties in content management. These issues collectively led to reduced user engagement, a lack of visitor retention and missed opportunities to promote the hotel industry in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland Hotels Federation (NIHF) by Wibble Web Design and Web Development
Northern Ireland Hotels Federation (NIHF) by Wibble Web Design and Web Development

what we did

Leveraging our expertise in custom WordPress design and development, our agency embarked on a comprehensive solution to revamp the NIHF website, tailored to the specific needs and objectives of the hospitality sector. Our web design and development plan included: strategic planning, engaging user interface (UI) design, custom WordPress theme development, enhanced functionality, performance optimisation, improved content management and search engine optimisation improvements.

Northern Ireland Hotels Federation (NIHF) by Wibble Web Design and Web Development

the results

The collaboration between our award-winning, Northern Ireland web design agency and NIHF brought about transformative outcomes, reinforcing the hotel industry’s online presence and fostering stronger connections with its stakeholders.

In conclusion, our custom WordPress design and development project for the Northern Ireland Hotels Federation demonstrated our expertise in delivering tailored web solutions that empower organizations to thrive online. The new website effectively showcased the beauty of Northern Ireland’s hospitality offerings while fostering collaboration among its hotel community. It is now a digital gateway that connects industry professionals, informs the public, and strengthens the hospitality sector’s influence in Northern Ireland.


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