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Hunt Solicitors


Hunt Solicitors is the largest legal practice in Holywood and offers a full range of legal services to clients in Holywood, Bangor, Newtownards, East Belfast and further afield.

The Problem

Hunt Solicitors originally approached Wibble for our Wibble Rescue Package – they were unable to edit or do that much with their current website as it was slow and causing issues with editing the website content.

Once the Rescue Package was completed other issues began to show up. The site was generally outdated and was no longer fit for purpose. This then developed into a full website redesign and build.

A modern professional solution was required and to be built with WordPress CMS for easy updates and management.

Hunt Solicitors by Wibble Web design and development
Hunt Solicitors by Wibble Web design and development

What we did

We began with research of competitors before we moved onto the design stage. Getting a feel for what others are doing in the same field is essential when designing for any type of business.

Once the research was completed a full design was created in Adobe XD. A style guide, sitemap and both mobile and desktop concepts where created. At Wibble we design our desktop sites at 1366 x 768 as this is the most popular screen size for desktop. We also design at 375 x 667 for mobile. It is important to keep up to date on these sizes as they are constantly changing, especially with mobile when screen sizes change as much as the sunrises.

Hunt Solicitors by Wibble


Once the designs where signed off by the client the concept was passed on to the development team. The site was created using fully customised WordPress CMS. It solved the issues with previous site by creating a backend that was easily managed and updated by the client.

The site was made secure with an SSL certificate – something that was lacking on the original site.

Our Work