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HIP Psychology


Helping Improving Performance Psychology (HIP Psychology) is a consultancy which specialises in psychology focusing on the areas of performance and well-being. HIP Psychology works across three main domains, Sport, Education, and Corporate.

The Problem

HIP Psychology previous website was a one-page website and was not suitable for the companies growing portfolio of clients. Built using Wix it also proved difficult to keep updated and improve it’s Google ranking.

The company had also ventured into podcasts and needed an area to promote this on their website. There was a lack of social proof throughout the website which needed to be addressed as the client had quite a strong following on social media.

General styling and layout also was an issue with the legibility of the text were difficult to read on such a bright background.

HIP Psychology by Wibble Web design & Development
HIP Psychology by Wibble Web design & Development

What we did

After extensive research and correspondence with the client, a full redesign was required. By striping it down to the bare bones of the company we reconfigured the layout, navigation, styling and use of imagery throughout the website.

Pushing Users to register was the main focus of the site. Forms where placed on every workshop page and CTA’s throughout the site would direct the user to get in touch.

The design needed to show brand consistency throughout, something that was lacking on the previous site, using blocks of colour, icons and dynamic imagery, all of which was previously available but not integrated into the website.

HIP Psychology by Wibble Web design & Development


We designed dedicated areas for each area of the business: Education, Sports, and Corporate. These new sections were split into individual Workshops of the corresponding section, providing a clear user experience and room for the company to grow and add additional workshops.

A dedicated podcast section, social proof, call to actions (CTAs), videos and contact forms were all introduced in the new design.

Our Work