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Affordable websites for any size of business

Paudie Fearon – Managing Director of Wibble Web Design belfast
By Paudie Fearon 18 July, 20165 MIN READ
Affordable websites for any size of business

Wibble have been designing websites for a range of clients for years. Our sites range in size and complexity and, as a result, range in price. We recognise that different businesses tend to have different budgets and we try in every way to work with clients to stay within these.

One service that has come to the fore and is proving very popular with small, start-up businesses is our simple, one-page website. After a number of small businesses contacted us to see can we help, we realised the potential popularity of this product and believe it will become more and more popular.

We now offer an extremely cost-effective solution to get you onto the “digital ladder“. This option is also perfect for businesses that see a need for a fully-fledged site in the future but not right now.

A one-page site

Some clients want a very simple digital presence on the web, a simple “business card” style site that contains a little information, a number of photos and contact details. They do not require a content management system or the need to regularly update their site. They may also require email, hosting and a little bit of support and guidance. We have been able to provide this service for a number of clients now to quickly get them up and running.

Support Wibble provide

With all of the sites that we have created in this vein, we have been responsible for all elements of the website. We have purchased the domain name(s), hosted the customised email, hosted and set up the DNS and designed and launched the site.

Examples of one-page sites by Wibble – Just tiling is the site of a Donegal based tiling company.

The site has been online for just over a year and carries contact information and photos of work carried out by them.

It is quick to load and displays correctly on a smart phone or mobile device. – Vehicle Safety Installations specialise in Audi servicing & repairs.

Wibble recently launched this site and set up the custom email address for this client. We registered the domains they wanted and took care of the whole process from start to finish.

The site is a simple “business card” style site with basic info, services and contact details. – BeIM Craft was a project we worked on with the University of Ulster School of Architecture.

The simple site carries information on a Minecraft mod that has been developed to introduce children to the construction industry. Wibble took on all aspects of the website: we registered the domain, set up the DNS to point to the correct name servers, ensured gzip was enabled to help with speed and set up and hosted the site.

This site will, hopefully, develop as time goes on to host videos, more images and eventually news and updates. – Fitzpatrick Driveways needed a simple web presence at an affordable cost.

The client required a site that showed off a number of things: their work, their bio, their contact details and testimonials from happy customers.

As with the above sites, we took care of all the steps in setting this site up. As there were a number of images on the site we created a simple pre-loader to help with usability.  Domain registration and email set up were the responsibility of Wibble and we look after these for the client on an annual basis.

Get in touch with Wibble

If you believe that you or your business would benefit from a simple, one-page site, get in touch. Running a small business is tough, especially at the start so we are happy to try to work with you within your budget.

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Paudie Fearon – Managing Director of Wibble Web Design belfast

Paudie Fearon

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