Our web design and development process

Want to know Wibble’s web design and development process for their award-wining web design studio? Read it here and see how we operate.

By Paudie Fearon
10 June,2021 ● 11 MIN READ

Keeping Wibble running through a global pandemic

Paudie, our Managing Director, talks about running Wibble in 2020. How we grew, took on staff and made it through.

By Paudie Fearon
13 January,2021 ● 6 MIN READ

WordPress training seminar – your questions answered

Last month our MD Paudie gave a remote training session for WordPress. These are the answers to some of the questions raised in the 3 hour session.

By Paudie Fearon
12 June,2020 ● 7 MIN READ

What’s in a name? Where the name Wibble came from.

Our most common question answered – Where does the name Wibble come from?

By Paudie Fearon
30 April,2020 ● 5 MIN READ

“Golden Gate Bridge Approach” – Wibble’s take on WordPress management

In this post, we explain our approach to maintaining our huge number of WordPress sites – a constant run of updates, patches, monitoring and fixes.

By Paudie Fearon
1 April,2020 ● 5 MIN READ

Wibble and Coronavirus COVID-19

An update from our Managing Director on Wibble’s response to Coronavirus.

By Paudie Fearon
21 March,2020 ● 5 MIN READ

Our partnership with Abacus Talent Group

A blog post from our Managing Director, Paudie Fearon on how Wibble prides itself on the long term relationships we build with our clients.

By Paudie Fearon
11 February,2020 ● 5 MIN READ

The next big move for Wibble

Wibble have recently moved to their own studio in Belfast. Our MD, Paudie Fearon, talks about this literal big move for Wibble.

By Paudie Fearon
28 October,2019 ● 5 MIN READ

Recruitment is hard!

A post by Paudie Fearon, our MD, on our approach to recruitment and some advice and help for other businesses wanting to recruit.

By Paudie Fearon
13 August,2019 ● 5 MIN READ

An update from Wibble

A decision has been made to commit to more communication from Wibble through our own blog – we’re very proud of what we are doing and where we are going and want to tell people about it more.

By Paudie Fearon
13 May,2019 ● 5 MIN READ

Five years of Wibble!

This post is written by Paudie Fearon – Founder and Managing Director of Wibble about Wibble being 5 years old. He describes how tough it was at first and how we’ve grown to the studio we are today.

By Paudie Fearon
26 November,2018 ● 5 MIN READ

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