WooCommerce is the main e-commerce platform we use here at Wibble. It is a free WordPress plugin that helps make the creation and management of an online store a little bit less stressful.

This plugin has a few important features that I believe not many people are aware of until it became necessary (myself included). I was recently introduced to a project, where I had to help a client set up their online store, making sure their orders were restricted by postcodes.

So within this blog, I will explain how a client can restrict their shipping zones, as well as the features supporting it. 

Adding Shipping zones

For this particular project, only one shipping zone was required, although it is possible to set up as many as you need, containing multiple shipping methods. 

To access shipping zones, log into your WordPress admin and click on WooCommerce > Setting > Shipping. 

When you first use the shipping section in WooCommerce, there is a prompt that appears for you to add a shipping zone, as well as a default zone. 

Prompt to add shipping zone

Click ‘Add shipping zone’.

How to add a shipping zone in WooCommerce Shipping for WordPress
How to add a shipping zone

There are three categories that must be filled out, in order for the shipping zone to be added; Zone name, Zone regions, Shipping methods. 

  • Zone Name – Name of the zone you wish to add. (For example, Delivery NI)
  • Zone regions – Selecting certain regions your business delivers to. (For example, United Kingdom).
    Along with the Zone regions, a client can also limit to a specific ZIP/postcode. This helps to narrow the customers which match the zone specified. You can restrict to certain postcodes, (one postcode per line; BT44), a range of postcodes (BT44…BT30), or use wildcards (BT*).
  • Shipping methods –  Adding certain shipping methods used within the zone. 

Example of shipping zone set-up in WooCommerce Shipping for WordPress
Example of shipping zone set-up in WooCommerce Shipping for WordPress

Once these categories have been filled out, ‘save changes, and the zone will now be added to your site.

Shipping methods being used within a checkout
Shipping methods being used within a checkout

Types of shipping methods

Going into more detail on the shipping methods, there are three different methods that can be applied; Flat rate, Free Shipping, Local pickup. 

Flat rate: 

This method allows you to set a rate per item, per shipping class, or per order. 

  • Method Title: would be that of the Shipping zone that has been created. 
  • Tax status: determine whether tax will be added to the flat rate cost.
  • Cost: the cost entered here, is the applied to the entire cart. Although, additional costs can be added. Find out more here.
Flat rate

Local pickup 

This method allows the customer to pick up their order themselves. 

  • Title: the title can be changed, as this will appear in checkout. 
  • Tax Status: determine whether tax will be added to the flat rate cost.
  • Cost: the cost entered here, is the applied to the entire cart. 
Local pickup

Free shipping 

This method allows for free shipping after a certain amount has been spent.

  • Title: The title can be changed, but not necessary.
  • Free Shipping requires: This consists of a dropdown of four options; a valid free shipping coupon, a minimum order amount, a minimum order amount OR a coupon, a minimum order amount AND a coupon. 
  • Minimum order amount: The amount that is necessary to spend before free shipping is given.
Free shipping

This is just one of the ways this free, WooCommerce plugin can help to improve your e-commerce offering. With customers only being able to select the shipping method available for their address and corresponding zone, it reduces the confusion when managing orders.

If you have any queries about anything WordPress, Design or Development, feel free to get in touch, the team would be more than happy to help.