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1 year at wibble

Portrait of our new Wibbler, Aisling - Wibble Web Design & Development
By Aisling Doherty 6 June, 20235 MIN READ
Wibble Christmas night out

Time flies when you are having fun! I am Aisling, one of the Digital Designers here at Wibble, a year ago I was writing my introduction blog and now it’s time for my first year at Wibble blog!

Yes, that is a cliché but this past year has just flown in, but I have loved every minute of it. From team breakfasts to working with amazing clients it has been a very fast but fun year. The first person that wins an award for the most patient person on planet Earth will be Dean. He has spent the last year fielding all my questions and teaching me everything he knows about web design (and he knows a hell of a lot)

In my interview, there was some small chat about food but I didn’t realise just how into food the team at Wibble are. Every birthday there are doughnuts from Oh Donuts, I have never enjoyed another person’s Birthday so much! We have had pizza, breakfasts, croissants with brie and bacon the list goes on! Karl has baked us amazing banana muffins from our fruit drop as well as kept us all up to date with Belfast food places to eat.

Web Design Projects

There are a number of sites that I got the pleasure to work on over this past year, too many to put on here. Campbell and Haughey was one of them. I loved the colours that I got to use on it, a gold and navy colour through the site. I wanted to present the information on the site in a clear manner and in a way that was easy for the user to navigate. I gathered all the requirements from the client and after a few tweaks here and there we got the final result. It is an early part of our growing legal web design portfolio.

Campbell and Haughey Hompage

Making Wibble Better

Paudie came to me quite early on with a plan where he wanted to start an initiative to improve the culture of Wibble called Making Wibble Better. Team breakfasts, snack area and learning for the team to name a few. This was a great opportunity and I was more than happy to help. We have had a number of successful team breakfasts. I have to keep on top of the snack area on the regular with the breakfast bars being a surprise hit and we manage to get through a good few boxes here.

Wibble Snack Area

Pre-built themes

Something that I had not done prior to joining Wibble, was using pre-built themes and I now love to work with them. Wibble are an award-winning custom web design and development studio, but if you are looking for something a little more affordable or short on time, using a pre-built theme is something that we do offer. They have their limitations unlike a fully custom web design build but I do love to create websites with them. Getting to edit and customise them to what the client is in need of is so satisfying to do and working alongside a client to find them the best solution is also something that I have loved.

What is a Pre-built WordPress theme?

Pre-built WordPress themes are available to buy from theme marketplaces and come in various styles and categories, such as business, portfolio, blog, e-commerce, magazine and more. They typically include multiple page templates, customisable options for colours, fonts and layouts and often come bundled with additional features and plugins.

Pre-built WordPress themes can provide a convenient solution for individuals, businesses or organisations that want to create a professional-looking website quickly and efficiently, without the need for extensive custom development; however, if you need something more bespoke we can do that as well!


I have loved my first year at Wibble and it has gone exceptionally fast! I have learned so much and got to work on some amazing projects. Belfast is an amazing city and I have still loads to explore. Looking forward to my next year at Wibble, to more projects, great clients and of course plenty of coffee!

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Portrait of our new Wibbler, Aisling - Wibble Web Design & Development

Aisling Doherty

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