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Meet our latest Wibbler, Aisling

Portrait of our new Wibbler, Aisling - Wibble Web Design & Development
By Aisling Doherty 5 May, 20225 MIN READ
Photo of Aisling Doherty standing in front of a vibrant street art - Wibble Web Design & Development

Hello, my name is Aisling and I am the newest Wibbler! I have joined as a Digital Designer with Wibbles Lead Digital Designer Dean Anthony taking me under his wing to show me the ropes. (Poor fella) 

Aisling Doherty new Wibble employee
Meet our latest Wibbler. Aisling.

My background

I am from Donegal but I have been living in London for the past 13years. My route into tech is not a traditional one, I have been working as an operations manager at the shopping channel QVC for 10 years, which I loved but always had a passion for tech and design. I have worked with all sorts of lovely people over the years from Joan Rivers to Ruth Langsford. (Clang, name drops) I have also been on Ant and Dec’s Saturday night takeaway helping prank Amanda Holden but the less said about that the better; however, here is the video so you can watch the most stressful day of my life all for the entertainment of the nation.

The most stressful day working at QVC.

From Shopping TV to Tech

I studied TV production at Bournemouth University (a uni by the beach what a dream) and from there got an internship with QVC and loved it. Live TV, mixed with products and presenters was so interesting for a wee woman from the hills of Donegal. I moved through the ranks and met some amazing people on the way but over time my passion for tech and design started to build and last year I decided to take the plunge and jump into the world of web design. Some people thought I was mad but I am so glad I took the leap into tech.

I decided to come home to Ireland to learn web design and start my new career in Tech. I learned everything and anything I could get my hands on from Adobe XD to Figma spending hours with a coffee and a laptop. I found the Pomodoro method of studying the best to keep me focused, a little tip if you are trying to learn anything. 50 mins of study 10 mins break. 

Behind the sense shopping tv QVC

Becoming a Wibbler

I started on a lovely Friday with Dean Anthony who showed me everything Wibble. What I have loved is that you get stuck in and start designing websites straight away, with Dean Anthony giving me feedback and keeping me on track! 

The Wibble team are very supportive and helpful with any questions as well as just being a great bunch of people to work with, we all have an equal love/passion for coffee, so coffee runs aplenty here! 

We also have done a fun photoshoot of all the team members to put on the website showing even more skills within the team. Everyone is so talented and has a broad knowledge of all things tech so if I don’t know the answer to something someone else will. 

Becoming a Digital designer

Since becoming a digital designer I now see the world differently, I don’t look at websites and apps the same anymore I find myself analysing them, how have they designed that box, why is the home button there and what colours are they using. I keep a screengrab of anything I find that I want to try and design myself and there are so many great designers out there that I am never short of inspiration. 

My design process at the moment is to get the homepage down and the rest will follow. I design several versions of the homepage and then pick out all the best bits to make the final home page. Lots of lovely wireframes plan out the overall look of the pages before a deep dive into design taking into account what the client needs and wants. 

I am also learning how to digital draw in my spare time using procreate which I am really enjoying!

What I get up to when I’m not designing

I love all things food which helps me fit right in with the team. I also love to bake and I have promised to bring in some baked goods for the team so I best keep to my promise! The photo has Ferrero Rocher cupcakes, with one on the top and one in the centre because you can never have too many Ferrero Rocher!

I love listening to Podcasts anything and everything, love reading, walking (not running can’t run to save my life) and love a football acca bet on a Saturday only the 3 pm games keeps things interesting, won £700 once that was a great, thanks Luton F.C.

Ferrero Rocher cup cakes

From London to Ireland

Having lived in London for so long you get used to the speed of people and having everything on your doorstep and all the shops you can imagine but everyone is so friendly in Belfast and there is a nice relaxed atmosphere as well as a great sense of humour. I never thought I would move back home, I love London but I knew to focus on my new career I was going to have to make a change, as great as London is, it is expensive and I did not know how long it would take to get a job so my very kind parents took me back in. Although I never thought I would return I am very glad to be back home. Yes, I miss aspects of London but there really is no place like home! 

Beach in Donegal

Final thoughts

After only being here a month I have learned so much in such a short space of time and have already got pages I have designed on an actual website which is very satisfying to see. I am also enjoying having jambon’s back in my life (don’t tell my personal trainer) I am sending over pictures to London to spread the word over there. Jambon’s and web design what more could a woman want!

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Portrait of our new Wibbler, Aisling - Wibble Web Design & Development

Aisling Doherty

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