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Since 2009, Castlebridge has been the go-to authority for pragmatic advice on the business of data.

They contacted Wibble to work with them to design and build a new web presence for them to help with communication and presentation of a huge amount of information.

The Problem

The issues with the previous site were numerous. It was built using a theme bought from a well known WordPress theme marketplace. For the required functionality that the theme didn’t provide, many many plugins were installed and were causing huge issues with site speed and manageability.

The team at Castlebridge produce and publish amazing content at an amazing frequency, but the presentation and delivery of this content was sub-par and hard to find. The UI and UX decisions made were not a good reflection on the expertise and positioning of the client.

Castlebridge web portfolio piece by Wibble web design belfast
Castlebridge web portfolio piece by Wibble web design belfast

what we did

Wibble took the previous site, built using a bought theme, and streamlined every single process for content, communications and management. We took a site that had 90+ plugins installed and stripped it back to core WordPress functionality and custom development from Wibble.

We created custom designed and developed WordPress blocks to present and communicate the great content that Castlebridge publishes on a regular basis. The site is now much quicker and when WordPress updates are required much more stable due to the custom functionality we built to reduce the need for dozens of plugins. by Wibble

rebuilt from the ground up

Wibble threw everything from the previous site out, apart from the amazing content.

We undertook a full web design and web development project and worked on every element of usability and content delivery.

The client will continue to produce amazing content and we have created a website to help with the delivery and promotion of this content.

We migrated the site to our servers and provide managed web hosting and web support to help the team continue to be a leading authority for pragmatic advice on the business of data.


Our work at wibble speaks for itself

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