Wibble offer a range of services, we have built up a reputation of being WordPress experts and web design and web development  professionals. A service that we have offered for quite some time now, however, is email hosting using our  highly reliable email hosting service. We offer an email mailbox solution that has a massive 25gb capacity and has a three level spam filter in place.

This blog entry is dedicated to providing a simple tutorial on how to switch on the built in out of office reply in the webmail service that we provide.

  1. Once logged in, click on the hamburger menu in the top right hand corner of the page and then click ‘Settings’
    email hosting and IMAP support in Belfast Northern Ireland
  2. In the popup, click on ‘Incoming Mail’
  3. Change the status to ‘On’ and type the message in the area below
    Email hosting in Belfast | IMAP hosting and mail servers in Northern Ireland
  4. Once done, click ‘Save’
  5. To switch it off, change the status back to ‘Off’
  6. Another feature, so you don’t forget to switch it off is to schedule the message for a certain time using the check box and the two time and date fields.

We pride ourselves on offering simple solutions to all your web problems, and providing a simple out of office solution is an example of this.

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