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Wibble Support: Add 2 Factor Authentication to your Wibble WebMail

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By Stephen Matthews 14 December, 20185 MIN READ
Wibble Support: Add 2 Factor Authentication to your Wibble WebMail

Wibble offer a range of services, we have built up a reputation of being WordPress experts and web design and web development professionals. A service that we have offered for quite some time now, however, is email hosting using our highly reliable email hosting service. We offer an email mailbox solution that has a massive 25gb capacity and has a three-level spam filter in place.

This blog entry is dedicated to providing a simple tutorial on how to switch on the built-in 2 Factor Authentication so you can reset your password with ease.

Login to your Wibble Email – our webmail login is at our secured page:

Wibble WebMail Landing Screen

Click the menu icon in the top right corner beside your name & Click Update Phone

Menu Bar in top right

The following dialog box will appear

Phone Number Dialog box

Click the Country drop down & select the country of your choice

Select your country

Enter your phone number into the field & click Save Number

Enter phone number into the field

You will then receive a text message to that phone number, enter the unique 6 digit verification code & click Verify

Verify number using 6 digit code

If the number is correct, the following screen will then appear, just click Close Window

Update Phone number success

You have now successfully set up 2 Factor Authentication in case you need to reset your password.

If you ever need to reset your password follow these steps:

On the login screen as shown below, click Forgot Password

We Are Wibble WebMail login

You will then be asked to enter your email address & click Next

Enter Email address

If the account is found and a mobile number is associated, it will display the last two digits. You will then have to enter the correct mobile number & click Next

Enter mobile number

You will then be sent a text with a unique 6 digit verification code. Please enter it into the field & click Next

Enter verification code

If the verification code is correct you will then be shown the following screen where you can reset your password

Reset the password

We pride ourselves on offering simple solutions to all your web problems and providing an easy way for you to reset your password.

Wibble offer a range of services including web designweb development plus others that can be seen on our services page.

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Wibble outline logo on dark blue backgroud

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