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The next big move for Wibble

Paudie Fearon – Managing Director of Wibble Web Design belfast
By Paudie Fearon 28 October, 20195 MIN READ
Wibble Blog - New office move

For those of you who did not know, Wibble have been part of a business development scheme for the last number of years. The Entrepeneur Accelerator program is a fully funded accelerator and has 12 hubs across the UK – we were, obviously, based in the Belfast hub.

As members of this program, we have been using the Ulster Bank hub as our office space as we scaled up and grew over the last 18 months. Side note: the program is incredible, any business no matter how big or small should consider taking part in it. It was the involement in the scheme that took Wibble from a small freelance business to a fully fledged studio with Wibblers to call our own!

Our own studio

We are now delighted to reveal that we have secured our own studio in the amazing Cathedral Quarter of Belfast. This is a giant step forward for us and it is in a beautiful, converted warehouse with high ceilings and original beams – we love it and we are only in a few weeks.

Below are the sneak peek photos we are showing off before we fully decorate and brand it.

Our own studio

Since I started telling people where we were going, I have been asked why not move the studio to somewhere cheaper, like an industrial estate or outside the city. There were a few reasons:

  • Public transport – I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to encourage the use of public transport, working outside the city may not encourage this
  • Coffee – in Wibble we are slightly obsessed with it and being away from the coffee shops we have grown to adore was not really an option
  • The Cathedral Quarter is an amazing area to be based – it has a vibrant design scene and there are a number of dev studios in the area already
  • We considered shared office space but made the decision that having our own space that we can call our own would be a confident step to take
  • I was in two minds about our own space or sharing, but when I saw the actual studio, I was convinced this was the space for us

Our next stage

We have some fairly big plans for growth and the new space allows us to bring on a number of new staff in the next few months.

If you are in the Cathederal Quarter, call in and say hello!

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Paudie Fearon – Managing Director of Wibble Web Design belfast

Paudie Fearon

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