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An intro to our new Wibbler – Sara

Sara – Wibble web design and web development. Belfast
By Sara Cassells 16 May, 20245 MIN READ
an intro to our new wibbler – sara


Hey! I’m Sara. I am the most recent member to join the Wibble team as a Web Developer.  

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing a bit about my background, my journey to joining the Wibble family, and what I’m most excited about as I embark on this new chapter in my career.

My Background

I was born in rural County Armagh and to my dad’s distaste, I’ve now become a ‘townie’ after moving to Belfast in 2019. Having lived in the city during my Uni years I fell in love with the opportunities moving to a bigger area offered.. who knew people socialised during the week after work, and that veggie food was aplenty! It was a great time.

Outside of work, I’m a fitness fanatic and always keen to try out different ways to exercise and move my body. So far I’ve had a go at CrossFit, Powerlifting, Running, Bouldering and Calisthenics. I later found a passion for Yoga and in 2019 began to study for my 200-hour Teacher Training certificate.  Since 2020 I’ve been teaching Yoga Part-time across Belfast and Antrim as well as being offered a cool opportunity to host a Yoga Retreat in Morocco earlier this year. I’m hoping to convince Paudie to introduce some sessions to our ‘Making Wibble Better’ initiative 😉 

When I’m not upside down in a handstand or teaching yoga, you can find me doing one of the below:

  • Head in the latest Crime Thriller or Fantasy novel.
  • Screaming my heart out at a live gig.
  • Playing out my second life as a witch in Hogwarts Legacy.  
  • Beside the closest animal <3 

The Professional side

During University I spent my placement year working for a local company as IT Support. I enjoyed the variety the job brought and was able to travel to the company’s European sites to carry out risk mitigation and suggest improvements. I would then come back and build solutions to implement those improvements.  These solutions gave me experience in building applications, databases and websites outside of the University.

I was divided between my passion for Web Development and Networking and it wasn’t until a few years later that I decided to switch careers and move into development working on platforms such as Drupal, Shopify and Magento. 

How I ended up here

Unfortunately; or maybe fortunately on reflection – The company I worked for last was bought over and my team was made redundant. I had been working on Magento projects solely which became a very niche platform in the North of Ireland, I was forced with the decision to either work remotely for a mainland Magento agency or switch platforms.  I had always been interested in WordPress having had some exposure to Magento/WordPress integrations and felt it was the push in the right direction for me. Working alongside other developers was also a requirement for me, I enjoy the hybrid approach and having a physical office to come into was key.

After seeing a post on Wibble’s social media celebrating their 10-year anniversary and having heard great things about them from a previous colleague of theirs, I reached out to Paudie and we met for a coffee. The company appealed to me in many ways. The history of the company and the small team feel the investment in staff training and wellbeing but mostly how candidly Paudie himself spoke about Wibble. The genuine desire he has for this to be a great place to work was very obvious. I had a gut feeling immediately and knew it was where I wanted to be. I later interviewed for the position and here we are.

Looking forward

I’ve been here just over a month and I’ve already learnt so much in a short space of time. Coming from working predominantly with Backend languages (PHP and SQL) it’s been a really nice change to learn / re-learn Frontend languages. I’m really enjoying getting more familiar with Tailwind and enjoying how much easier it’s making styling as well as picking up JS/JQuery again too!

It’s been a breath of fresh air to work in a smaller team who are keen to share knowledge and help out. Wibble’s process and practices are streamlined and effective and actually being used!! I’m not used to working somewhere that is as well organised and efficient and eager to improve where they can.  I didn’t expect a smaller agency like Wibble to have more structure than some of the bigger agencies I’ve worked at but I love the fact it does. It gives me more time to do what I’m here to do, develop! 

Speaking of, I’ve already developed my first website and it’s been satisfying to see it come to life knowing that I was involved in all sides of the site, Back and Frontend. I feel immensely proud of what I’ve accomplished, and I can’t wait to get stuck into my next project!

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Sara – Wibble web design and web development. Belfast

Sara Cassells

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