Web support and hosting

Support & Hosting

Wibble ensures that sites are secure, accessible and backed up.

What we do?

Our first level of support covers: hosting on our server, automatic backups and off server storage, security patches and updates carried out by Wibble to ensure that your site is up-to-date and secure.

When it comes to support & hosting - We know what we're doing.

We use a number of third party, off site systems to back up and secure your site to ensure that recovery, if needed, is a swift process.
Peace of mind

We constantly scan and audit your site to check for vulnerabilities and will patch these issues as soon as they are detected. In the modern digital world, this is of utmost importance and cannot be over-looked.

WordPress support

We have taken over a huge number of WordPress sites that were built elsewhere. Clients were looking a service that took over all aspects of looking after a site, and Wibble provides that service at a reasonable cost.

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