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A Bigger life is a website dedicated to providing information for those living with a stoma. Giving dedicated advice from clinical professionals and sharing stories with others living the same experience. The website also integrates with an external community-based website.

A Bigger Life is part of the TG Eakin group – they are a large medical device manufacturer with a truly global presence.

Wibble first starting working with TG Eakin when we took over hosting and management of their previous WordPress site under the Wibble Rescue Package.

The Problem

A Bigger Life required integration with Telligent to pull in the latest articles directly from community.abiggerlife.com using their REST API. This was unavailable in the site’s previous state.

Low-quality posts and pages through the site needed to be removed and redirects would need to be put in place.

The site was not mobile-friendly, the text was not optimised for legibility, colour contrast also needed to be looked at and improved upon.

Site speed was also a key target of this project and was something that would need to be looked at when it came to rebuilding the website using WordPress CMS.

A Bigger Life by Wibble Web Design & Development

What we did

Wibble redesigned and developed the website within the WordPress CMS to allow for easy updating throughout. We improved navigation and split the sections using dropdowns on the main nav linking to categories – simplifying the website was a key goal.

We introduced post categories and allowing the user to access these using a category slider at the top of each section. Pages, Post, and Archive pages were redesigned and a unified design was carried throughout the site. The site is now fully-responsive and provides a unified experience on mobile and desktop devices.

The Latest Post would also now pull in from community.abiggerlife.com which was possible with integration with Telligent using their REST API. We had to integrate directly with their API in order to pull posts and comments etc directly into the WordPress site – this is now automated without any input from the client.

Site speed was vastly improved by introducing auto-scaling and compression of images, reduction in HTTP requests, lazy loading images, auto compression of all assets.

A Bigger Life by Wibble Web Design & Development
A Bigger Life by Wibble Web Design & Development

The Results


Redesigned and developed using WordPress CMS


Site speed is now vastly improved throughout.


Site is now fully responsive and displays correctly on all devices

A Bigger Life by Wibble Web Design & Development


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