Technichal SEO development for WordPress sites
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Technical SEO

We build technical solutions to help improve your website, in-house.

Our Approach to Technical SEO



We use a number of tools to review and inspect your existing website.



We develop our websites with Schema at the heart of it.



We produce and deliver results to help improve your site using a range of techniques.


We have developed hundreds of projects with technical SEO at the heart of them. On every new project we develop we implement 100s of technical functions to help improve your search results.

What we do

Every project we develop has a core element of technical SEO included. However, we review every project prior st commencement to identify specific requirements we can include to aid search. Things we consider:

Title tags and descriptions
Canonical URLs
Dead links (404s)
Site speed
+hundreds more

Technichal SEO development for WordPress sites

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