Ulster Architectural Heritage

Ulster Architectural Heritage

A huge redesign and development project for the charity to promote the historic built environment, its protection, conservation and regeneration

Client: UAH


Their previous site was built with an in-house content management system making it and the content tied to a previous web designer.

The client needed a new membership payment setup using Stripe.com.

They needed the ability to easily manage, export, update and add new content – a feature that was lacking in their previous content management system.

The client relied upon EventBright to manage their event bookings.

What we did

We created detailed concepts to show the key issues to be rectified and this went through an extensive concept creation process.

We made all aspects of the site content editable by the user - they now can add: events, products, news, directory listings, and faqs with ease.

We created a micro site for the Heritage Angel Awards, fully controllable by the WordPress content management system and the UAH team can manage this fully in-house.

We built the entire site from scratch and, with the help of the client, migrated all content and media across to the open source CMS we are using – WordPress

A closer look

UAH front page | Web design by Wibble Belfast.

WooCommerce Shop designed and developed by Wibble

Web design portfolio of Wibble's for UAH

Business directory designed and developed by Wibble Web Design

End Result

The ability for a user to purchase books and tickets to events in one transaction.

The site is now powered by an open-source content management system with full export options.

The site is fully responsive and served over https.

A creatively designed repository for case studies of the amazing Built Heritage in Ulster.

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