The Belfast Opera

The Belfast Opera

Award winning project telling the story of Belfast.

Client: The Belfast Buildings Trust


The client needed to communicate about this massive, cross-community project. The team needed to let people know about performances and updates plus as the performance approached, to sell tickets.

What we did

We created a new website that was designed to match the well-established branding for the project.

We created a simple means of communication for the team to use.

A closer look


Client Testimonial

Wibble's approach to The Belfast Opera was exemplary. Wibble's creative openness to a challenging brief - capture an urban grittiness and Belfast's architectural heritage - brought a real sense of partnership to the project. Wibble was responsible for all design aspects from branding through to website development. The ongoing monthly support and maintenance that Wibble offers makes a very real difference from other design companies. Wibble ensures a highly professional responsiveness and a truly friendly willingness to go the extra mile.

End Result

Thousands of people, visited, registered and supported the project.

The three shows sold out in minutes.

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