Irish Echo Newspaper

Irish Echo Newspaper

Website design, development and management for America's oldest Irish American newspaper, founded in 1928.

Client: Irish Echo, New York.


The previous site was built using a pre-bought theme. It could not be updated or altered. The site was unstructured and hard to navigate, it lacked basic SEO features and was slow to load. There were many issues that we identified and were key to the project success.

What we did

Everything! We reviewed and cleaned up categories and databases, we introduced clear sections on the site for easy user navigation. We introduced colour coding to help with navigation along with breadcrumbs and a clutter free navigation.

Slugs were reviewed and changed with hundreds of dead slugs removed with 301s set up to deal with them. We brought in structured data to help the site appear correctly in SERPs and have successfully ensured that posts appear directly in the publisher carousel in Google.

We took over the DNS hosting and migrated the 40,000+ article filled database to a data centre in New York. We introduced a raft of security features and took over full site management including, hosting, patches updates, uptime monitoring and a myriad of other features missing from the previous website

A closer look

End Result

A huge improvement in usability

A custom built events module that allows staff easy creation and management

A 7 second reduction in load times

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